Plastic Free Policy

Buonocore Galletti Zoppolato Avvocati has adopted a Plastic Free Policy.

We wish to offer our contribution for the protection of environment through a series of good practises and small day-by-day behaviours.

We provided our offices with a micro-filtrated water dispenser that we use to fill with water our inox bottles.

In our meeting rooms, we use only glass bottles and entirely compostable glasses.

We use only paper glasses and wood spoons to serve and drink coffee.

Single-use plastic has been banned from our offices.

We also make an effort to minimize waste production and to carry on a correct separate waste collection.

This choice has been truly appreciated by our clients.

Media report that one hundred million tons of plastic per year are released to the environment and 40% of that amount of waste could be avoided by banning the use of Single-use plastics. In addition, if we consider that in 5 days each Italian citizen can produce 1 kg of plastic waste, only a small portion of which is released in appropriate dumps, we can certainly say that our commitment appears to be less negligible and can be considered a sign of our environmental responsibility.